Toner, Cleanser, Moisturizer & Scrub

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KAFFÉ Coffee Milk Cleanser is a smooth, gentle, emollient-rich, coffee infused milk cream cleanser that gently sweeps away dirt and makeup. This comforting formula contains Nigra flower and dandelion extracts to condition and pamper the skin, leaving your skin feeling clean, silky, soft, and soothed.



For day and night cleansing. Saturate a cotton pad with cleanser and gently sweep over face and throat. Tissue off or rinse with warm water. Follow with KAFFÉ Hydra-Fresh Toner and KAFFÉ Deep Moisturizer.



KAFFÉ Hydra-Fresh Toner purifies and tightens the skin in one easy step. The gentle formula made with the coffee bean’s endosperm, witch hazel, and chamomile extract helps to speed up cell turnover to improve overall skin tone, balance, and brightness.



After using the KAFFÉ Milk Cleanser, gently pat face dry. Apply toner using a cotton ball, dab gently, drying completely. Use after morning and evening cleansing.



KAFFÉ Deep Moisturizer complex of Kona coffee extract, active aloe, and fennel extract, provides 24 hour hydration. Our exclusive deep moisturizer promotes elasticity while reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles, offering maximum hydration for a younger, healthier and more vibrant looking complexion.



Apply to dry, clean skin. Massage gently with fingertips in a circular motion.



KAFFÉ Facial Coffee Scrub is a unique exfoliating “coffee dermabrasion” treatment that provides immediate skincare benefits. The finely ground coffee beans help to invigorate the blood flow while removing dead skin cells that are not necessarily washed away with normal cleansing. Our scrub diminishes the appearance of fine lines, acne marks, and skin discolorations through the exfoliating action for a refined, revitalized, luminous complexion.

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